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Hotline: +49 (0) 700 / 977 977 77

About Us

Since creation of the security industry, the conventional concept of private detective agencies has not changed anymore. You still find them in an obligatory office at the edge of the city and they still employ a small, fixed number of employees. Their areas of investigation are restricted to regional operations and they still clean up their wages in fixed hour rates.

In our point of view, this concept has no use anymore. We are living in times of global connections, a whirligig of information and a preserving progress of high-tech industry. Today, for detective agencies it’s more important than ever to adopt to these circumstances by using an adequat, modern concept. A concept which is able to cope with the new emerged requirements, which profits from modern times‘ advantages and strategically overcomes their disadvantages. A concept which perfectly fits to the interests of the clients. This modern way is the new concept we from ManagerSOS use.

We are not a detective agency which is limited to an office building or a fixed amount of employees. Starting from Germany 20 years ago, ManagerSOS has developed a 300 men-wide active network, whose members are now at work around the clock in Europa, Asia and Middle East for the interests of our agencies‘ clients. We made it our task to protect and guarantee security in the most modern way and in a long-term. Within the shortest possible time period, we are able to send investigators to our clients‘ location in order to solve their problem immediately. We are able to pass general private- and business investigation on a high-risk level in a strictly discreet way. And we are able to consult everyone in terms of any security issues between Europa and Asia.

All of this works so well because we have worked towards it for years. Because we have never spared trouble to adopt to quickly changing circumstances and because, from the very beginning on, we knew about the importance of an excellent network. This is why we are your experts in all terms of security and protection and the best choice for private and business investigation in a discreet, quick and efficient way.