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Hotline: +49 (0) 700 / 977 977 77

Aid project

For more than 15 years, ManagerSOS has been active in Asia and the Middle East. Our job continually involves being in high-risk situations in which we have to adapt to the given circumstances as quickly as possible. This is fine and well for us because we are trained to deal with difficult circumstances. Nevertheless, there are also situations, which do not pass without leaving a trace. It’s not always easy to work in areas where people are faced with famines or inexpressible poverty or are haunted by tsunamis and other natural catastrophes. These experiences led us to the decision that we will support a South East Asian aid project called Direct Disaster Help. Their task is to aid citizens in Asia, who were faced with catastrophes and have lost their fundament of a normal life. The project is supposed to improve their living conditions so that they can go back to care for their own family without any help of others.

If you have any questions concerning this topic, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to give you more information about it.