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Hotline: +49 (0) 700 / 977 977 77


Basically, our orders are executed where the client or contractors require us. The specially trained detectives of the detective agency ManagerSOS are capable of executing any orders professionally under the most difficult, country-specific conditions. Due to the German origin of the company and an extensive international network from Europe, above all Europe has established itself as a central area of application.

Meanwhile, people from all over the world give us the task to carry out operations and investigations on the European continent – and above all in Germany. The problems of countless clients have been solved successfully over the past 20 years, whether it is Paris, Rome or Berlin, the review of the factory in the Czech Republic or the re-kidnapping from the Ukraine. The main problems facing European clients are, above all, economic crimes, problems with corruption or extortion, threats from competitors or business partners, and threats by organized criminal groups. In addition, companies often happens a betrayal of business-internal information and illegal under-migration of companies. Not infrequently, the private dimensions of security are quickly affected in these cases: Businessmen receive blackmail letters, the family is threatened with violence, or eavesdropping takes place in their own homes.

Due to the special focus on the interrelationships between European, Arabian and Asian players, many clients from Asia have also established who ask for operations in Europe. We, the network of private and business detectives ManagerSOS, will be pleased to provide all our clients with the services they need to provide professional help for their individual needs.

In the entire German Federal territory, as well as in many European cities, there are contact persons from detective agency ManagerSOS, with whom you can get in direct contact. Whether Munich, Warsaw or Barcelona, our detectives can be found all over Europe and are permanently in operation for you. In the case of a commission, the costs will only be calculated from the place of use. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our staff. You can also use our free call back service.