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FAQ – Frequently asked Questions

Answers to the most important questions (FAQ) about hiring a ManagerSOS investigator.

  • What exactly is „ManagerSOS?“

Originally, ManagerSOS was a detective agency which was founded 20 years ago in Frankfurt am Main. Over the years through numerous operations abroad, ManagerSOS managed to become the leading institution of a mainly in Europe, Asia and Middle East operating investigators network. Our main task is to protect clients in cases of acute danger situations just as to carry out private and business investigation in high-risk security business and to consult people and companies in all terms of security and protection issues.

  • Who are the actors behind ManagerSOS?

ManagerSOS is a drive wheel for a mechanism which contains more than 300 people from 22 different nations. We – the leaders of the mobile operation teams – coordinate and accompany our teams from our central offices in Frankfurt, Doha and HongKong. Our teams will be set up for every client individually, depending on the needs of the special case. The network we use consists to two third of investigators who are trained by military or in special forces and as another third of entrepreneurs, security consultants, IT specialists, journalists and lawyers from Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

  • Who are your investigators?

For our own and our client’s safety, we do not provide details about who our investigators are. But what we can announce is the following: Without exception, all of our investigators have gone through special military training procedures and apprenticeships and they continually train in our special training camps set up for them. In addition, they all have at least 5 years of experience in high-risk security business. In case of task, our clients get to know only the leading investigator of the operation, the further investigators will stay anonymously. In opposite direction, our investigators will not know who exactly the client is they work for, all they will get are the most important informations in order to carry out the operation efficiently and successfully.

  • When does ManagerSOS intervene?

Primarily, ManagerSOS is the control center for mobile operation teams who resist acute danger from our clients. This means that our investigators fan out in cases of hazardous situations and analyze and solve a specific problem within the shortest time effectively. The variety of what is considered as a hazardous situation is wide-ranging, many cases contain eg. matters of extortion, threats, spy affairs, sabotage, corruption, hijacking or embezzlement. Secondly, ManagerSOS carries out private and business investigation in normal and high-risk security business. This contains the security check of chosen people or factories just as the general collection of information of every description. In addition, ManagerSOS offers an extensive security consultation for private and business clients in terms of risk management, fraud management, compliance management and due diligence but also simply as a personal consultation. In short: ManagerSOS intervenes when the integrity of people or companies will be threat or clients want to protect themselves and resist danger precautionarily or retrospectively.

  • Who are the clients of ManagerSOS?

Naturally, we will not announce any information about our clients of our detective agency network. Everything we can say is that our clients come from all over the world in order to hire us for operations and investigations in Europe, Asia and Middle East. Our investigators dedicate their attention entirely to the client’s interests, independently of who he or she is or where he or she comes from. In case of uncertainty, do not hesitate to contact us! Our first consultation by phone is for free and we know for sure, who and how we could help with your individual issue.

  • How do your operations proceed?

As a first step, our clients call us and ask for possible ways to solve their problem – if wished so also anonymously. Either you will be connected to one of our control centers or you will be connected directly to a leading investigator. In every case, our first consultation by phone is for free. As a second step, the leading investigator and the client agree for a meeting at a predestinated location. Within this meeting, the problem will be analyzed and the exact way of operating fixed just as the price for the operation. Without any exception, this kind of information will be exchanged only via Face-to-Face meetings. Except for the client and the leader of operation, no one else will get to know the details and key information about the client’s identity and the operation. If the first meeting has finished successfully, the operation begins as soon as possible. After finishing the operation or investigation, there will be a final meeting in which the client will be given reports about process and outcome of it.

  • Where is your area of activity?

In short: Wherever you need us. Thanks to our excellent network, we are able to mobilize teams of investigators who work for you all over the world. Nevertheless, we have put emphasis on operations across Europe, Middle East and Asia. In addition, we have special investigators who are able to carry out operations in areas of catastrophes, crisis and war. All of the operations will be controlled and managed from our centres in Frankfurt am Main, Doha and Hongkong.

  • What about the costs for your assignment?

In contrary to other detective agencies, we do not have fixed hour rates and therefore, there is no general answer to that question. Depending on individual expenditure, we together with the client fix a daily rate for the operation. The total amount will be calculated by the addition of the number of days the operation went on. Within this amount, there is everything included, so that nothing will be put on top afterwards.

  • How long does it take for you to start with an operation?

When exactly an operation can start depends on the individual circumstances. Where exactly does the operation or investigation take place? How many persons does it take and what kind of key functions do they have to have? All this has to be calculated beforehand. Nevertheless, we’ve set up a maximum limit: 72 hours after we received the confirmation letter for taking action, our investigators will be ready for use for you.