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    Private Investigation

    Private problem solving on confidential matter
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    Business Investigation

    Managing business problems effectively and secretively
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    Security Consulting

    Analyzing and Consulting to improve your security and protection

Professional Troubleshooting

The Private Investigation and Management Detective Agency ManagerSOS Frankfurt conducts covertly private investigations in highly sensitive matters. We help you in cases of economic crimes, risk, fraud, compliance, threats, blackmail, espionage, sabotage, abduction or fraud – in short, with any form of security and damage control. The highest priority is, without exception, the absolute discretion regarding the facts and the clients. We go beyond the limits of what is feasible and, if necessary, also in the legal areas of the grave. All employees have completed military or full official and special training, are absolutely stress-resistant and can adapt internationally to any difficult crisis situation in precariously sensitive cases of problems and suspicion. We provide Top Secret Problem Solving & Troubleshooting to the exclusion of the public. Whether you need court-specific evidence or discreet problem solving, whether you need protection and security incl. personal protection, or we want to keep you in the run-up with trouble and problems, the professionals of ManagerSOS are the top contact persons for your business dangers and problems in a timely manner.

The Detective Agency ManagerSOS security consulting consists of a network of globally active detectives, private and business detectives, who are on call. They operate under all conditions and are always ready within 72 hours. In addition, we have access to international influential officials from the free economy, including lawyers, Journalists and IT specialists. The fields of application of our private and commercial traders extend from Europe via the Middle East to Asia and include all areas of war, catastrophe and crises zones. All the employees of the Detective Agency ManagerSOS are coordinated by our three company headquarters in Frankfurt / Germany, Doha / Qatar and Hong Kong / China.

You can access the press releases from Focus, Spiegel, Playboy Magazin etc. here .

For the answer to your questions, non-binding offers, advice and help please use the indicated telephone numbers or our contact form. All employees are subject to strict professional secrecy. Anonymous advice is possible. Day & night standby service direct: 0175 45 31 436 or 0151 22 73 96 01