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Hotline: +49 (0) 700 / 977 977 77

Security Consulting

For German companies, the specialists of the detective agency ManagerSOS offer an individual all-in-one package of security consulting. The package improves your firm’s long-term security and protection management. During this consultation, aspects of your firm’s compliance-management, fraud-management, risk management and due diligence will be analysed and discussed. Based on these findings, the ManagerSOS experts will develop a new security concept for you. A concept that establishes preventative measures in order to avoid all attacks made by commercial offences. In addition, ManagerSOS consulters offer speeches for leading managers in order to transmit important knowledge about how to deal with secret information of one’s own company and teach general principles for management of how to deal with safety in your own business.

It’s particularly small, middle-sized and big-sized companies with business relations from Europe to Asia and the Middle East which profit from that kind of knowledge in consultations and operations. That’s because transcontinental business to the East is often more difficult than expected: People from China, Japan or Saudi-Arabia for instance, have special characteristics in order to do business. The awareness of these circumstances is essential in order to create a successful business relation. To know details about how to behave in business meetings and especially to know how Guan’xi is functioning testifies you being a business partner on eye level with and that you are able to treat someone with the due respect. Not a few actors disregard those special characteristics, what leads to harm for themselves and their companies.

All in all, the Social Network of global private and business agency ManagerSOS includes more than 300 agents, lawyers, IT- and Security experts just as functionaries working in the high-class economy, government and departments all over Europe, Asia and in the Middle East. They all know exactly about special preconditions of transcontinental business. Our experts are excellently involved in local Guan’xi structures all over Asia and Europa. These experts and knowledge are what we from detective agency ManagerSOS would like to share with you in any form of consultations and operations of each kind.

If you need further information about consultations and operations, don’t hesitate to contact us.